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International Style Ballroom
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Named Figure (Combination): Open Promenade  

Open Promenade (PP-LFs-LOD-1/16R)

Preceding Figures Following Figures
2-3 Promenade Link to PP (PP-RFfwd-02-1/8L)
3-4 Four Step (OP-LFbwd-10-0)
Brush Tap to PP (FP-LFfwd-02-0)
Brush Tap to PP (FP-LFfwd-04-1/8L)
Closed Finish to PP (FP-RFbwd-00-3/8L)
Closed Promenade to PP (PP-LFs-00-0)
Contra Check to PP (FP-LFfwd-02-0)
Fallaway Four Step (FP-LFfwd-02-0)
Fallaway Four Step (FP-LFfwd-02-1/8L)
Follow 1 to Oversway
Follow 3 to Oversway
Follow 4 to Oversway
Forward Walk on RF to PP (FP-RFfwd-02-0)
Forward Walks to PP (FP-LFfwd-02-0)
Four Step (FP-LFfwd-02-0)
Four Step (FP-LFfwd-04-1/8L)
Four Step (FP-LFfwd-06-1/4L)
Four Step (FP-LFfwd-14-6/8L)
Natural Twist Turn (PP-LFs-00-1/1R)
Natural Twist Turn (PP-LFs-DW-7/8R)
Open Finish to PP (FP-RFbwd-00-3/8L)
Open Finish to PP (FP-RFbwd-14-1/4L)
Progressive Link (FP-LFfwd-02-0)
Promenade Link to PP (PP-LFs-00-0)
Reverse Five Step (FP-LFfwd-14-3/4L)
Outside Swivel to Right (OP-LFbwd-DC against LOD-1/16R+1/8L)
Preceding Figures at Corner Following Figures at Corner
Chase (PP-LFs-00-3/4R)
Fallaway Four Step (FP-LFfwd-00-1/8L)
Fallaway Four Step (FP-LFfwd-02-1/4L)
Five Step (FP-LFfwd-02-1/4L)
Four Step (FP-LFfwd-02-1/4L)
Natural Promenade Turn to PP (PP-LFs-00-3/4R)
Natural Twist Turn (PP-LFs-LOD-6/8R)
Progressive Link (FP-LFfwd-14-0)